Thursday, May 22, 2014

Old Archives

I'm working on re-opening my old archives, seeing as the blog looks pretty much like a hacked-up turkey carcass after your still-insisting-that-Atkins-works Uncle Bob just got through with it at Thanksgiving dinner. ("Just a little more white meat and you know what? Some stuffing and mashed potatoes never hurt anyone. Actually, is everyone done with those pies? How about the rolls?")

I removed pretty much everything while working on a book but will be re-posting some pieces soon. Whatever the date of publication appears, the few that are on here are all old pieces and not the greatest. And sadly, while re-posting the ones that are on here, I lost most of the comments. Now, they were great. 

I liked the cool, kind ones but I liked the nasty-ass ones even more: "Hope you dye soon, u HACK WHOAR. When r u goin to write again, biiiitch??? Its bin a WEAK!! Choak on a COCK!!!!!"


Curly said...

Welcome back, WHOAR! That's affectionate coming from me.

sam said...

When's the book coming out?

sam said...

whens the book coming out? would love to read it. did i fuck this up and post twice? i fucking hate computers

Anonymous said...

Holy shit, are you back or just fucking with us?

-TC (Austin)